This blog is for fun. My objectives for starting this blog was to share my thoughts about sports and to interject thoughts about life. In the Summer of 2012, I was inspired by a trip my wife and I took to France that began a three part series about my search for family history. I was most recently inspired to put the “travel” in “The Blog Less Traveled” to spin a few stories about experiences traveling. I am most fortunate that a small amount of travel has provided many life long memories.

I especially want to dedicate my travel posts to everyone who commented to me and my wife on how they enjoy seeing our vacation photos and hearing about our travels. Many told us that seeing and hearing about our travels was the closest they would ever get to going there themselves.

I can’t guarantee great writing in my posts, I am just shooting for it to be good. So please bare with me. 🙂


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I just did a google search looking for information on Anna Hauberg Hagen’s children and your blog popped up. I have been in a discussion with two other cousins about various family photos we have. My dad was Anna’s youngest brother, Iver, one girl is the daughter of her brother Clifford and the last one is the granddaughter of Victor’s.
    Are you related to Anna?
    Oh, this is only a name I use on WordPress. You can find me on facebook as Sue Hauberg Westby.

    • Hi – I am not directly related to Anna. I am related to Ditlof on the Hagen side. Through the blog I’ve met a number of Anna And Ditlof’s grandchildren and great grandchildren though. Has your research taken you through that side yet?

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