That Kid and Backyard Football

Me: Where did you get that roll of orange duct tape?

That Kid: CVS

Me: Seriously, CVS

That Kid: Yeah, they have all kinds of colors there!

Me: CVS? Who knew.

Orange duct tape is not only Liam’s connecting item of choice, but it turns it also is his favorite item to use for decorating.

Liam and the next door neighbor boy are two peas in a pod. In the backyard if they are not playing baseball, it is soccer, basketball, or football. My best guess is that this project is some sort of prop for backyard football.


That Kid Finds Mom’s Elastic

Sewing is among my wife Clare’s many talents. Her sewing area is often a target for Liam to find supplies for his next project. In this instance, That Kid claims his inspiration is a life-hack YouTuber, and it resulted in a little hack we didn’t know we needed.


That Kid and My Shelving

Liam and our next door neighbor boy made many trips to the neighborhood CVS this summer mostly to buy candy, but to make bigger purchases from time to time. So I thought nothing of it when a radio controlled car was in the garage one day. Summer is endless for eleven year olds, there is only so much they can do before they need to make things more interesting. And when I say more interesting, I mean using my shelving stored in the garage to make a very sturdy ramp for their RC cars.


The thing that confounds me is that I’m pretty sure he is using hand tools to cut his boards, pound the nails and even insert screws! Liam’s proclivity for garage projects using screws and nails is nothing new. I finally caved years ago and purchased a magnet bar on rollers to run over the garage floor on a regular basis as I realized resistance was futile.

That Kid….and some pulleys?

I’ve discovered in my middle age, that yes I’ve become my father in many ways. When I can’t find my tools or something in the garage, who do I blame? Yup, the kids and in particular That Kid. Luckily for That Kid, I was not yet missing a pair of pulleys when I came across this contraption in the garage.

That Kid…..

Our son Liam is a great kid. Kind, considerate, and helpful are just a few of the words come to mind to describe him. There is another side to Liam that not many others see. The other side is one part pack rat and one part ingenious.

On any given day, a journey around our home we will find a mess, and usually not a little mess, but a large mess. In that mess, we’ll make a discovery that will cut through the aggravation, to shake our heads and simply say to ourselves…that kid

So, this is a series to share some the crazy things we find everyday.

The Ropemaker?

At a boy scout campout, the boys were enthralled by an old-fashioned rope maker. The boys loved making a large rope out of common twine. The apparatus used multiple gears and a handle that spun together three lengths of twine into a big, thick rope. 


Custom Rope Making Apparatus

Make a rope with the rope maker is not a trivial effort for an impatient eleven-year old boy. It takes team work and a good 15 minutes to make a rope to add to the clutter of his room. So imagine my surprise one week later on our upstairs railing I found this creation, made from legos and his mom’s yarn.