The Block of Wood, Part 5

So we ran into a bit of roadblock this week. It came time to bend our axles for the desired ‘rail rider’ design. (We’ll get to that later.) In searching through my pinewood derby equipment, my bending tool was no where to be found. I turned the house upside down to no avail. It was gone. I remember lending it to another Cub Scout and parent last year and think I remember getting it back. But nothing after that. Ugh. The search for the bending tool and subsequent search for a replacement got me thinking that this would be a good time to mention where pinewood derby supplies can be purchased in the area.

Michaels – Yes the Michael’s craft store has a decent selection of pinewood derby supplies. 40% and 50% off coupons offered on their website or weekly circular can help you get a good deal on tools. Michaels also sells the $0.89 small bottles of acrylic paint in a full palette of colors, which makes it a must stop for your derby supplies.

The Scout Shop – The Boys Scouts of America Shops around town have a nice selection of specialty tools and supplies. You can even get tungsten weights and Krytox oil here. The prices are actually very comparable with anything you will find online.

Hub Hobby in Richfield has at least twice the selection of any other place in town. The Scout shop or Michaels each carry one line of pinewood derby products, whereas Hub Hobby carries three different lines! No matter if it is decals, pre-cut blocks, specialty tools, glue, lubricant, they have it and at the best prices in town

The Pinewood Derby wall at Hub Hobby

Overall you can purchase everything you need online, but not necessarily at a discount. Hub Hobby’s prices are the lowest and will likely be at a discount from anything you will find online.


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