The Block of Wood Part 2

After cutting and sanding, we painted the car bodies using inexpensive acrylic paint. The paint comes in many colors and drys quickly. The boys applied as many coats as needed with cheap foam brushes and have a finished product within a few hours.

Liam purchased a decal them kit to give his car a little bit extra pop.

Liam’s Car

Connell and I went for racing stripes, they didn’t turn out as well as we hoped. But we figured they are good enough for the Open Class.

Connell taking off the paint tape to reveal his racing stripe.

Connell’s Car

My Car

I decided to add the racing stripe on my car after the purple base coat, so after 5 coats of yellow paint I had nice a yellow stripe.

After we were confident that we were done painting, it was time to apply the top coat.

Up next polishing the Axles.


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