The Block of Wood Part 1

The Block(s) of Wood

The annual Cub Scout Pinewood Derby is a big event each January in our house. I spend countless hours each January with both boys building their cars out of a block of wood. Liam is a first year Webelo, meaning that next year will be his (and our) last year building cars.

I usually build a car to race in the “open class” for family members to build a car to compete. (I think we have to allow the Dads to build their own car and not completely build their son’s car.) This is Connell’s first year as a Boy Scout, yet he wants to build a car to compete in open class. I thought it would be fun to chronicle our steps in building our cars this year.

This week we cut the cars to the design on the block of wood, sanded them down, and prepared to paint.


Sanding the saw marks off with a palm sander.

Detail sanding with 150 and 220 grit sandpaper.

Ready for painting!



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