New Project

If you liked my “Finding Private Hagen” series or are a World War II buff, check out a new project I’m working on called “From the Cornfields to the Hedgerows.”   It will highlight the soldiers from the cornfields of the Midwest who fought in the French hedgerows in 1944. 



2 thoughts on “New Project

  1. Ray, my name is Wendy Brown & am apparently a cousin of yours. My great-grandfather was also Jacob Hagen. I am the grand-daughter of Myrtle Hagen.
    Thank you for writing this great story of one of our wonderful ancestors. I am shared it with my Dad and Uncle. They were very impressed. It also got my Uncle telling stories of the Hagen family again. That is always a treat!

  2. Hi Wendy – Thank you for the kind comments. Stumbling across the grave marker in France began the journey that has not ended yet as I am introduced to long lost relatives like you along the way. I do recall my grandma and dad mentioning Myrtle quite often. There will be a few new things about Albin Hagen posted here the next few weeks if you are interested.

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