One Year and Change

To say that the last year of my life has been transformative, would be an understatement. When I got out of bed one year ago today, my life was far different than it was this morning. For starters, one year ago I was frustrated in a job where the career opportunities always seemed to stay just out of reach. Today I got out of bed and am able to put my destiny in my own hand to pursue new career opportunities on a full-time basis. One year ago today, I got out of bed, stepped on the scale and it read “257.” I posted back in May about what that meant to me and who I met my goal of losing 40 pounds for turning 40. Well, I did not quit losing after that 40, I kept on going. Today I got out of bed, stepped on the scale and it read “179.” I have lost 78 pounds in one year and am now quite comfortable that I am at a healthy body weight that I can sustain over time.  Here is my journey in a few photos:

One Year ago at Halloween

Six Months into the Program

Today – November 13, 2012